The greatest tool for success realization in each and every organization/company lies in the spirit of team work by the employees. Research has shown that the major secret in the
leading companies of the world and those that make big profits is that their employees work as one team with only one goal-success for their company.
At the Shinning Hearts, we provide you with the best options to enable you strengthen your employee’s team work through team building. We plan everything for you from the
venue, transport, accommodation, team building facilitator, team building certificate

We offer the best pocket friendly packages in Kenya with prices ranging from Kes, 3,000 Per Person Per Day.
We pride ourselves with a competent team of highly trained professional team building facilitators who doubles up as motivational facilitators as well, thus not only facilitate your
team of employees to build a strong United team, but also motivating them to gain courage to face any hurdle at their work place.
Whether you are a private company, public, NGO, Financial institution, educational institution, religious institution, formal or informal group, at Shinning Hearts, we have everything
for you packaged as per your needs and wants. Talk to us today and see your organization booking a place in the list of the most successful and profitable organizations in the

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